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An electronic in and out board is the best solution for tracking employee availability!

Check-In Check-Out  
" I don't think you could make it any easier to install or use ! "
... B. Tunney,  Applus RTD

 Main in out boardreceptionistEmployee sign out screen 

The #1 easiest electronic in / out board to set up & use !

  •   Sign in / out on your office PC ... 2 mouse clicks !
  •   Everyone's new status shows up instantly
      on your receptionist's computer.
  How Does the In/Out Board Work?
Main  Features          
  •   Installs in seconds ... simple to use !
  •   No wallboards or whiteboards to update continuously
  •   History logs record actual in / out times
  •   Emergency reports satisfy safety requirements
  •   A  "reminder"  can sign you back in automatically
  •   A pre-sign out calendar for signing out in advance !
  •   Can also be displayed on large  wall monitors !
  •   Free tech support included !
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Softech's Check-In Check-Out in out board software helps your receptionist direct incoming calls faster!

At, we offer electronic boards that are great replacements for dry erase boards! Our in and out board is the easiest way to track staff, sales, service, etc. Display it in your lobby as an electronic wallboard! Visit often for the best in/out board software! Watch our online demo on your mobile iPad.

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